A page for your car, bike, or kart

It’s been a bit quiet on this blog while we’ve been adding more analysis tools for racers and trackday enthusiasts over the past few years, and now we are about to launch something completely different. We thought it was time to give a bit more attention to that which we think pretty much all Serious-Racing users are very much into: our vehicles.

What we have been working on for the past few months and are hoping to put live very soon is a shiny dedicated page for your car, bike or kart (or any vehicle you use on Serious-Racing). A place where you can add a few photos and log everything you do with your vehicle: settings, upgrades, or just general thoughts or notes. The finished product will look something like this:

A page for your car, bike, or kart on Serious-Racing

There will be the option to review parts and products that you have used. We think it will be great to see what other people have done with their bikes and cars and read their opinion on the upgrades they’ve done. You will also be able to comment and ask questions.

We are working on the finishing touches and since we are doing a few more bits along with this major upgrade, please bear with us while we try to make this change as smooth as possible. We will also be updating our Terms of use and Privacy policy in line with the new rules, so expect an email about that when we go live with all of this.

Use share to compare any lap

A lot of people have asked us for the ability to compare with a different lap than a friend’s fastest one. For example, you might want to compare one of your laps with rainy conditions. Comparing with a friend’s lap with similar weather will tell you a lot more about your performance than comparing with their fastest lap with perfect conditions. We now have a way to do this!

First, your friend shares their rainy lap and you go view the share. Click Log in at the top right of the page, or in the menu on mobile. If you have laps on the same track, you will now go to a page where you can select one of your own laps to compare with your friend’s share:

Select a lap to compare

This way you can compare like for like and compare with other than just your friends’ fastest lap. We will be building this into the usual select-friends-to-compare-with interface, but that will take us a bit longer to do, so we thought we’d give you this version first.

Add Youtube videos to your laps

If you have videos of your laps on Youtube, you can now add these to your laps. This is what it will look like on a big screen:
Comparison with video

Simply select the lap you want to add video to and tap ‘Edit’. Fill in the Youtube link and exact time where the selected lap starts in the video and save. Read more about how it works in our Help section.

Please note that at the moment you don’t get speed and graph updates on mobile, because of a bug in the Youtube API. We hope this gets fixed soon so that we can show you your speed and video together from any device!


This Saturday (the 27th of September, starting at 17:00 UTC), we will be doing some maintenance to the Serious-Racing servers. There won’t be any visual changes and the job itself shouldn’t take long at all, but it might be a while before all ISPs are hitting the new stuff. All in all, it should not take longer than one day and it could be a lot shorter, depending on where you are.

Existing users can still use most of the site while we are in maintenance mode. Viewing and comparing laps already in the system with existing friends will work as normal. Adding or editing anything (profile, settings, friends, vehicles, uploading laps) will have to wait until we are done.

New users will not be able to sign up while maintenance is taking place. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for free today and upload those laps!

Leaner and meaner

When you next log in to Serious-Racing, you might notice some changes. We have been very busy for the past couple of months to simplify the interface, making it quicker and slicker. Let me take you through some of the new bits and explain what has changed and why.

1. Track search

Serious-Racing track search bar

In the tracks dropdown menu, you now find a track search bar. This makes it easier to find tracks you haven’t been to. Plan for the future is to add a lot more information about tracks so that you can prepare for your next track day on a track you haven’t been to before.

2. Your laps

We now have the weather! This makes it easier to select laps with similar weather conditions for comparisons.

Serious-Racing laps view

Click on each day to display all the laps, and click again to hide it and focus on a different day.

The new buttons at the top are ‘View’, for viewing up to four of your own laps, and ‘Compare’: select one of your laps to compare with a friend. The buttons ‘Your laps’ and ‘Track info’ let you easily switch between the two.

3. Profile page

Serious-Racing profile page

Your profile looks a bit different now, with more space for your pride and joy, your cars or bikes. If you are lucky enough to have more than one vehicle, your primary one is displayed bigger. To change your primary vehicle, click on the vehicle you want to change it to, then check ‘This is my primary vehicle’ on the edit page.

These are the three biggest changes. We hope you like them and that you will convince even more friends to sign up. For all your feedback and ideas, please talk to us on Facebook or Twitter.