Things are Warming Up

Had my first trackday on the RSV4 last weekend. All in all went well – I don’t think I was actually any faster (yet) than on the 675, but was cautious and progressive, and definitely had a lot of room for improvement.

And then the day after, I picked up a set of replacement RSV4 Factory fairings from your good friend and mine, Mr. Ryan Clare. Take a look at these beauties:

Oval Motorcycle Centre

Last night I took the introductory maintenance course at and I have to say, I was mightily impressed. It started off slow (Matt warned it would), and I was thinking, “uh oh, we’re just going to be going through the real basics here”, but even though we did only really cover the basics, it was clear that Matt’s depth of knowledge was substantial. Even down to how to clean and lube a chain, the precise way that he did it was clear, well explained, and thoughtful. The setup of the place is great as well. Really wish them luck as a business, and will be happy to use it whenever I can. Going to be popping in on Friday to get Matt to look at my suspension to give me a good base setup before my trackday on Saturday…

The restoration project

Well, having just got the RSV4 out of its run-in period, I’m sorry, and somewhat ashamed, to say it’s also recovering from it’s first scrapes. Dodgy incident involving a U-turn, only a very little throttle and some cold wet tyres on a cold wet road. This meant I had to have the wing mirror replaced, as well as the clutch lever assembly, and left me with a scratch on the tank and a bent frame slider. Well, I’m happy to say she’s almost back to her former glory. Some tank sliders have taken care of the tank, and all other bits have been replaced. See for yourself:

Almost fully clothed

Got the front and side fairings mostly on. The fit isn’t perfect, but it does fit with a bit of pulling here and there. The only thing that doesn’t quite line up is the holes for the mirrors, so I’ll need to do a bit of cutting/drilling there. Overall pretty happy. I think it’s pretty close to being sellable at this stage.


It was pouring with rain most of the day, but I still had a good day with the bikes. How? Well, I thought I’d take the opportunity to strip the Daytona 675 and get her ready to put the new fairings on. Something about working on bikes, no matter how trivial that just makes me feel good. And then once I was done, I cleaned her up a bit, and threw the tail piece on from the new fairing set. There was a little straining involved, as it’s not quite a perfect fit, but overall it wasn’t too bad. Things don’t line up perfectly (as you’ll see below), but overall it’s not too bad. Will have to see how the rest of the pieces line up…

675 Fairings

Just received my eBay Chinese fairings in the post (pictures below). Depending on how this weekend looks, I may fit them then, or I may wait til after the season’s first trackday at Snetterton the following weekend. First impressions – colour seems pretty good, hard to tell for sure til I put them face to face with the bike. Some of the decals seem a little off (not quite the right font, etc.), but other than that, looks pretty good. Will see how they shape up when I get them on…