Use share to compare any lap

A lot of people have asked us for the ability to compare with a different lap than a friend’s fastest one. For example, you might want to compare one of your laps with rainy conditions. Comparing with a friend’s lap with similar weather will tell you a lot more about your performance than comparing with their fastest lap with perfect conditions. We now have a way to do this!

First, your friend shares their rainy lap and you go view the share. Click Log in at the top right of the page, or in the menu on mobile. If you have laps on the same track, you will now go to a page where you can select one of your own laps to compare with your friend’s share:

Select a lap to compare

This way you can compare like for like and compare with other than just your friends’ fastest lap. We will be building this into the usual select-friends-to-compare-with interface, but that will take us a bit longer to do, so we thought we’d give you this version first.


This Saturday (the 27th of September, starting at 17:00 UTC), we will be doing some maintenance to the Serious-Racing servers. There won’t be any visual changes and the job itself shouldn’t take long at all, but it might be a while before all ISPs are hitting the new stuff. All in all, it should not take longer than one day and it could be a lot shorter, depending on where you are.

Existing users can still use most of the site while we are in maintenance mode. Viewing and comparing laps already in the system with existing friends will work as normal. Adding or editing anything (profile, settings, friends, vehicles, uploading laps) will have to wait until we are done.

New users will not be able to sign up while maintenance is taking place. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for free today and upload those laps!