Oval Motorcycle Centre

Last night I took the introductory maintenance course at http://www.ovalmotorcyclecentre.co.uk and I have to say, I was mightily impressed. It started off slow (Matt warned it would), and I was thinking, “uh oh, we’re just going to be going through the real basics here”, but even though we did only really cover the basics, it was clear that Matt’s depth of knowledge was substantial. Even down to how to clean and lube a chain, the precise way that he did it was clear, well explained, and thoughtful. The setup of the place is great as well. Really wish them luck as a business, and will be happy to use it whenever I can. Going to be popping in on Friday to get Matt to look at my suspension to give me a good base setup before my trackday on Saturday…

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  1. I am thinking a visit to London may be in order so I can attend one of these sessions. Brilliant idea. How did the suspension setting go?

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