Things are Warming Up

Had my first trackday on the RSV4 last weekend. All in all went well – I don’t think I was actually any faster (yet) than on the 675, but was cautious and progressive, and definitely had a lot of room for improvement.

And then the day after, I picked up a set of replacement RSV4 Factory fairings from your good friend and mine, Mr. Ryan Clare. Take a look at these beauties:

5 thoughts on “Things are Warming Up”

  1. That body work looks mint and was a bargin to boot. We just need to find you some Ohlins from somewhere now!

  2. As soon as I get a free weekend (or possibly an evening if I can stretch to it) I’m going to head down to the and take the fairings off and put them back on again, just so I know how. Then it’ll depend on how long that takes as to whether I wait til after Alermia 2012 to put them on.

  3. Good idea, always worth getting a practice at removing the fairings, it can often be a bitch. :) You going to do your tail tidy?

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