Brands GP

A week ago today, myself and Tea Monster headed to Brands Hatch (GP circuit) for what may (for me at least) end up being the last UK trackday of the 2012 season. I guess technically three trackdays doesn’t qualify as a “season”, but who’s counting? Anyway, being the middle of September there was the inevitable worries about the weather, but as it turned out it was pretty much perfect. Sunny skies and although the temperature wasn’t blisteringly hot, it was as good as could have been expected for that time of year.

For me, the goal of the day was to just get more comfortable with the RSV4. As only my second trackday on the bike, it was important to just be progressive and grow in confidence on the machine. At Rockingham I’d felt no faster overall than on the Daytona 675, and especially slower and less confident in the corners. I guess that was the inevitable side effect of a different bike, and a shiny one at that. I think this time around I was still slower in the corners than I was on the 675, but overall I was way faster (or so it felt) thanks to what can only be described as the awesome power of the RSV4. It really is a missile. On pretty much every lap it was wheelie-ing out of two particular corners, such that it prompted me to check the wheelie control settings and discover they were off (!). With that fixed, I’d get a bit of head shake, but still keep the front mostly down, and drive nicely out of the corners. I can safely say I’ve never experienced speed like that before. Now I understand…

So overall, it was an entirely incident free and “moment” free day from my perspective, I grew in confidence on the bike, and there were moments where I could begin to see the potential of my riding on the bike. Got my knee down just the once, but that’s honestly not a priority at the moment. I know that when we go to Almeria in November, I’ll be wanting corner speed and knee down to be the order of the days, but for the moment I’m happy with the confidence building and bike familiarisation that’s happening. Bring on Almeria!

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