Something’s Coming

During the long winter months, every biker tries to find something biking related to occupy them when riding is less possible. Usually this is fettling the bike(s) in some way, getting them ready for the riding season. Well, in my particular case, it was something a little different.

In November of last year, myself and the other members of the Serious Racing crew headed to Almeria to grab some winter Spanish sunshine and some glorious sun-soaked trackdays. Well, kind of. In the end it pissed it down with rain for a fair portion of the time we were there. However, one pretty cool discovery we made while there was GPS lap timing devices, and RaceChrono┬áin particular. It’s a free app for Android that lets you attach an external bluetooth GPS device like the Garmin Glo, and get 10 updates a second of your position and speed on track. It has a pretty cool interface on the phone for looking at your data and analysing your sessions. We were pretty blown away by it. And we all thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could easily compare these online? As it turned out, there wasn’t something that provided this yet, so I thought I’d have a crack at writing one myself. The results are soon to be available to the public (we’re currently in a closed beta) for free (at least until it gets so popular I can no longer afford to host it out of my own pocket) at You can use it to compare lap times with friends, and get faster by drilling down into the data and seeing where someone is faster, or comparing your own laps and seeing where you’re faster. It’s pretty cool stuff, and we hope you’ll be as excited about it as we are!