Today’s the day I didn’t buy a Fireblade.

Today I didn’t buy a Fireblade. After what was a mostly enjoyable trackday at Snetterton (barring the Captain’s off) and watching some WSB on the telly I should have been gagging at the bit. But I changed my mind, shock the dealer by the hand and told him I didn’t want his 2010 almost new condition, low mileage and well priced bike. Why not – well I guess it fell in the Goldilocks zone of head over heart purchases, ┬ánot too expensive, not too crap – a good middle choice. But it didn’t look or sound as nice as the Capt’s new wheels (and almost certainly doesn’t thrill as much as well). It isn’t old or cheap enough to crash on track without a lot of regret and it’s still a big heap of money that could be used for more trackdays or trips. There are the internet stories of big oil consumption and woe. It’s colour is very orange. So even on the journey to the dealers to pick it up I was thinking about what I would replace it with in a couple of years, that doesn’t have it’s cylinders quite in a line, or how could I save up for a cheaper bike for the track, and that’s just not right.

5 thoughts on “Today’s the day I didn’t buy a Fireblade.”

  1. My first thought is just one word. Respect. This must have taken a lot of balls to do, and I can definitely see the sense in what you’re saying. Hope I haven’t screwed it up for you by showing up with a flash new motor. But I think in the end, if you feel like you’ve made the wrong decision, you’ll be able to fix it much more easily than if you’d made the wrong decision by buying it. Seriously. Respect.

  2. Wow Tea Monster. I am in awe of your self control. I can completely understand your line of thinking and well done for making the hard choice. So does this mean you are getting something newer and more expensive or older and cheaper?

  3. That is not the kiss of death cheaper opens the door to worry free track hack. Or multiple bikes. :).

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