Three weeks in the life of an RSV4 owner

It’s been a mixture of elation and frustration. Elation because the bike is, and always feels, special. Every time I get on it it’s a joy, even if it’s just to go a few miles around town. Why? The look of the bike. The sound of it – having replaced the standard can with an Akrapovic slip on exhaust, I’d initially not been able to tell the difference, but now I can, and love it. The punch of power it delivers everywhere – hitting about 10k revs once on it felt like a freight train. And surprisingly, the flickability of it – for the first time ever on a bike, I really feel like I can steer it with pressure from my feet on the pegs, whereas before it always felt like I *should* be doing that, but really wasn’t.
And frustration because I know I have so much to learn about this bike, and the weather seems to be conspiring to prevent me from really enjoying it. I’ve essentially had three (proper) rides on the bike, two in pretty cold but bright conditions, and one with some short rain showers. Since I’ve been running it in, I’ve never really had the revs above 7k, except for very quick bursts, but to be honest, I don’t know if I could ever get above 7k on the road without endangering my life or my license or both. This really is a bike that belongs on track. I’m pretty fearful of how it’s going to behave on the track. I suspect the top end of the rev range is close to terrifying. All I can hope is that one day I’m able to do it justice on the track…
In any case, more immediately, I have now got past the 600 mile mark, and will hopefully be getting the first service out of the way pretty soon. At which point I think I’m allowed up to 9.5k revs for the next 400 miles or so. As if…

2 thoughts on “Three weeks in the life of an RSV4 owner”

  1. I can remember the first couple rides out on the thousand. The sence of excitement as you twist the throttle to the stops for the first time and shout for joy in your helmet. Good times all still ahead for you, though I can fully appreciate your frustration at not being able to use it. At least you have the other bike to use in the wet. Lol. Good luck with getting the service sorted I hope you get better results than you have so far. I look forward to a coupe vids of the new acra. The only thing you will have to worry about is the au when it is no longer powerful enough. Though to be fair that might be a while from the sounds of it.

  2. That exhaust is going to get more fruity as it’s used and the mechanics start to gel – I am still very jealous 😀

    Yes it’s going to take a long time to ride it properly but I can’t think of anything more fun to be doing – so take your time, it ain’t ever going to be boring.

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