It was pouring with rain most of the day, but I still had a good day with the bikes. How? Well, I thought I’d take the opportunity to strip the Daytona 675 and get her ready to put the new fairings on. Something about working on bikes, no matter how trivial that just makes me feel good. And then once I was done, I cleaned her up a bit, and threw the tail piece on from the new fairing set. There was a little straining involved, as it’s not quite a perfect fit, but overall it wasn’t too bad. Things don’t line up perfectly (as you’ll see below), but overall it’s not too bad. Will have to see how the rest of the pieces line up…

2 thoughts on “Stripped”

  1. Not sure if it is due to looking at this on my phone but to be honest I can’t see much wrong there. I look forward to the finished product. Will be a shame to see it go in the end. But the replacement in the background looks mint. ;).

  2. Good to see the old girl has not been forgotten – also looking forward to the finished result. Don’t sports bikes look great with their fairings off – they seem just as purposeful as they do in their combat gear.

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