The restoration project

Well, having just got the RSV4 out of its run-in period, I’m sorry, and somewhat ashamed, to say it’s also recovering from it’s first scrapes. Dodgy incident involving a U-turn, only a very little throttle and some cold wet tyres on a cold wet road. This meant I had to have the wing mirror replaced, as well as the clutch lever assembly, and left me with a scratch on the tank and a bent frame slider. Well, I’m happy to say she’s almost back to her former glory. Some tank sliders have taken care of the tank, and all other bits have been replaced. See for yourself:

3 thoughts on “The restoration project”

  1. It is looks pretty good, I think if you can touch up the scrsatches on the front fairing it would be mint again. :) So any more on the Daytona?

  2. Yeah, I have a feeling I’ll get the scratches fixed, or those fairing pieces replaced, at some stage before too too long. Having said that, will likely be getting the replacement track fairings before too long as well…

    No movement on the Daytona yet. Been slack. Need to get on with it.

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